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Project and Programme Recovery

Our Project & Programme (P&P) Recovery offering is uniquely targeted at producing clear qualitative and qualitative results for projects or larger programmes that have ‘lost their way’, are in serious danger of late delivery or have indeed failed. The potential reasons for a Project or Programme running into difficulties are numerous and are often not visible early enough to accountable stakeholders and decision makers.

Black Leaf Qatar’s P&P Recovery teams aim to unearth the ‘real’ issues and blockers in a Project or Programme through gaining the trust of the existing team. Thereafter, they will focus on the management of these acute issues through identification of a viable route to resolution and delivery against a strict recovery action plan.

We aim to offer a balanced view and make every effort to compliment a business’ workforce through cohesive and collaborative methods. We take pride in aligning our teams to those of your business, with a view to complimenting each other’s skill set. Black Leaf Qatar does not profess to know more about a client’s business than they or their respective teams do; we simply aim to offer an industry standard benchmark against which to compare elements and identify areas needing greater focus so problems can be mitigated quickly.

Black Leaf Qatar’s intention at the culmination of any P&P Recovery effort is to leave a positive legacy. We do this by virtue of delivering a revised workable and achievable plan; a robust stakeholder management plan and a highly visible clear path to delivery.

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