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Project and Programme Mobilisation

Black Leaf Qatar offers a robust and measureable Project and Programme Mobilisation framework. Our team’s knowledge of delivering major transformation and infrastructure projects, enable us to quickly assess the needs of a business when moving from conceptual idea into delivery.

All too often, project lifecycles and methodologies are taken too literally and businesses end up with overly complex, bureaucratic, and inefficient approaches to managing projects. However, our consultants choose to follow a highly pragmatic approach that is scalable and adaptable for different types of clients.  Project outputs and therefore the core activities should be driven by delivering tangible benefits, not conforming to textbook theories or methodologies.

In essence, Black Leaf Qatar establishes the framework by which a Project will be delivered. We also take time to ensure it meets the needs of the larger Programme objectives whilst complimenting the Processes and Procedures of your business.

We can offer ‘fixed’ price solutions at the outset for Mobilisation; we do this by robustly understanding the ‘start and finish’ points for the phase. Our teams are able to ‘land and deliver’ quickly, and thereafter set up the Programme for success.

This phase of work is often complimented by our PMO service offering, and several clients have preferred to use us for both.

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